the odd chronicle

February 11th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ Early Days at Park Walk ~

I went to an early morning meeting of the fellowship. It was an early days and newcomers meeting. It seemed most of us have been around a while as fellows announced their presence by " name and whether they were less than, or more than a year in the fellowship "

It is strange, the transition from less than a year to more than. Almost a graduation from living hell, to a peaceful restoration of my senses in my case. And much more than that. A restoration of my sanity so I might live to values and principles almost lost in my struggle.

I had a small task today, to read a passage to help newcomers, and for me a timely reminder on how to approach any day we might encounter.

Its good to be reminded of how simple life can be, even when it is the most complicated of times. How to be myself, how to get on with and see whats happening around me. Being content and comfortable in my own skin.

Satisfaction in understanding myself and others, what makes them tick, how to be the equal of every situation and master of none but my own choices. A wonderful eye opener, with plenty of great advice to enjoy this day all day, and make a difference!