March 24th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ cosmic dust ~

Our Universe, infinite, within and beyond our reach. As big and small as our imagination. Daunting and comforting as we explore its vastness. Solid and ethereal as our mind captures then loses its grasp. Complete and unfinished, a perfect work in progress.

Our Universe, a reflection of us. Expanding forever beyond boundaries only we can impose. As our will to dominate and control makes our world contract, our Universe expands beyond the will and renders us powerless over every element, except one.

We yield to the Universe as our acceptance and understanding of metaphysics enables the truth. And we realise that we have our part to play in a grand scheme without end. An infinite Universe where the laws of physics make good our journey and shape our path. Adventure drives as survival pushes our quest to make sense our existence…

We seek to be powerful, in charge of our destiny, determined and self reliant as nature made us. We rule what we survey and wonder at the heavens. We perceive a maker and a purpose, We thirst life beyond our given measure and yield to belief in powers greater than our own. We desire continuance into another realm when we are done. We believe our purpose and our essence are forever in our Universe. Or we believe to disbelieve as experience demonstrates our ethereal nature ends and we expire without trace. Or we are in between where we wonder at our value, our purpose in the grand scheme as we seek meaning to our lives. And we need be content with this present, meaning, this present moment, for it is truly here to be experienced complete in its own right.

Cosmic dust, drifts across our Universe, so light and hardly seen we might wonder at its brush with nature, the grand scheme we all live and play our part. Each with a touch so light, its impact relative to all dimensions we perceive. The smallest speck can make the difference to any Universe and influence outcomes beyond any measure we might comprehend.

And our part in the grand scheme may never become known to any one of us. Yet our impact will be the measure of any other. Our ego might drive our self importance, and makes no dent greater or smaller than any other.

We need to be mindful of every element and place value equal to our own as we cross this vast canvas of time. Without prejudice to move with grace and humility is not the gift of saints or bestowed by any power greater than ourselves. We move through life with good conscience, learned through our experience. Good conscience, the gift of life, our experience and learning adding to a Universe where our touch is light and the equal of any other element, no bigger or smaller than any other, with purpose to the grand scheme of time. Good conscience, as good as time allows, developed with nature and our humanity, as strong and resolute as time permits. Good conscience moves mankind to its own significance amongst the stars, eternal without end or ending…