March 23rd 2006

copyright don oddy

~ Universe ~

As we move through the ever present present, we forget what we experience. For in this moment of the ever present present is every moment that went before.

We are unique in this moment, yet every moment to this present impacts greatly on our experience. Every emotion ever felt by human beings is experienced afresh and in this moment evolves and becomes more profound.

We are creatures of evolution, as we move forward, the passage leaving its mark, sometimes we are aware, most often the change is subtle, we don’t recognise any difference. Great events impact and change our range of feeling and understanding, sometimes we can fathom what is going on and at other times we can stand in bewilderment as we try make sense the changes we feel.

Evolution, a one way journey to greater depth, clarity and confusion. Our evolution as we see our world and understand. Great thinkers ponder on the meaning of the Universe. Minds wandering to make sense its purpose. And as thinkers expand their horizons, so too humanity feels and experiences the joys and sadness of life.

Sometimes as we move forward we may reflect the greatest journey in life is not in understanding the cosmos, this earth, rocks, air and dust. The journey certainly is not the destination mapped by nature, so short we might wonder at its value. The purpose is the experience we gain, the life we lead, the conduct we choose, our spiritual reality.

As we move onward our personal evolution is the sum of our experience. We forget so completely our true nature, for nature is our source. Our first experience of life is love. And in our evolution, love is what makes our world go round.

Easily forgotten is our purpose, to experience every element of emotion and intellect. Where life is comprised of material well being, emotional well being and our spiritual development, we are apt to deal with the ever present present as our societies and cultures dictate. We are all elements, and our focus in the present is often driven by our immediate needs. Quite so, for there is much to consider, from safety to danger. We need recognise our lives are fulfilled when we pay heed to our inner drives to love and intimacy, to safety and to danger, to the quiet reflections and to our adventures.

Everything humanity has ever experienced is in this present moment. We are forgetful and unforgiving in our outlook, we are sometimes choked by intellect and ego as we survey our experiences and next steps in this unplanned grand plan of life. The plan of nature, the plan of man, so long and so short, we might be driven mad with impatience as we step over this present moment on the way to our destination. And our destination so quick in time, its upon us before too long.

Our purpose to experience this world, its riches in a second, a minute or hour, day, a year and whatever length a lifetime may be. And for humanity our purpose may be measured across centuries and millennia as we become more adept at living.

Our part in civilisation is to be experience and record as evolution remembers our part in history. For history inside and our experience nurtures future generations and how they are shaped to meet our environment.

Along the way by generation our feelings and thoughts develop and make good the template which is mankind. We, humanity, so young we see great difference in ourselves where similarities afforded by nature are infinite and complex. We mistake difference where we are diverse, we see danger where there is opportunity, we see narrowly until we understand our purpose.

Life itself…

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