June 16th 2006

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~ Stating the Obvious ~

The Ever Present Present

I remember in the dead of night, times past. Not nightmares or fears. Yet tinged with sadness, times when back in college days I studied philosophy. I read words offered for study by names from ancients past and felt those old words old in my own mind. And yesterday in conversation with a friend, where topics of philosophy came through, I realise those old words had more to them than they ever did in my youth.

In my youth where reading old ancient text merely confirmed where my thinking has always been, somewhere deep and complicated. And today we never really examine what we seem to know as fact, or given statements. We don’t concern ourselves with why we think the way we do. Not so much the content and what we think about, just how we think and think and think. The process of electricity which makes us able to sense and sort our world, so what we perceive we understand we know about these days from natural science and physics. We never knew about our internal electricity until we made electricity and then found we had it too firing our brains, albeit little amounts.

And touched with surprise I sense my writing in these quiet early hours reflects my personal journey to another deep inside. Just a deep and simple set of truths, so obvious not many would bother to trip so hard over what is obvious to all we know about this world. We never really stop and see the obvious of what we are. And we accept so much of what goes on, never offering challenge of our world and what others tell us is our world and how it should be.

Maybe the journey made is beyond realms where most might step, for living makes these thoughts so hard, when our world is to be lived as is. A statement of the obvious, simple and regarded as redundant in our thoughts. We miss the obvious of life, it is the experience of living where we may dwell and let our feeling being reside coextensive with our spiritual self.

When did mankind work to split its thinking and its feeling, its inner spirit which makes us more than elements of chemistry. When did mankind determine more and make another leap towards our complicated patterns thus observed and still misunderstood as obvious to minds who accept with faith a purpose beyond this current state? Are we merely animals without another purpose. Or is it the nature of mankind that we might suppose more and our role less than we suppose. As we are first to make our case beyond this living we have now? Or are we all deluded? Is there more to this existence than this life we have?

I was reminded of Plato, long forgotten and never read in full by me. His forever struggle with meaning, not merely of life, but our reality. As Plato sought to make more clear through science of our mind and study of what we do, he found in even simple things, that mankind can hardly agree, what is happening from moment to moment, or any of what we perceive.

From primary senses we all see this world as no other might perceive. When I see red, and you seed red, we see a red and yet we see our shades of red inside our mind, never quite the same. And when we look out on the world from simple memory, our recollection changes by the moment, so as we saw the day before, its never quite the same as we remember or others recall.

And more than this, as we are changing, every element in the universe moves on as we experience time, and so is changed as well. Our dreams our thoughts our feelings are developed and so with every element. Our world is never the same at all, from moment to moment. Yet a rock is a rock, but never quite the same is it?

Natural science sees clear patterns and provides for certainty, that when we mix up elements there are natural laws which provide for recurring certainties.

When we come to our human science of philosophy, we know there is some certainty and agreement of our experience or we might fight each other about what we recollect, actually that feels right, we are always having wars and disagreements. We know from every experience nothing is ever the same. And so when in study years ago, I threw my ancient texts away, and with a lazy arrogance argued my cases in my schooling from somewhere deep inside, I felt constrained by these ancient studies and only now reflect the pain required to know with my own wisdom how the text was drawn from living and not from ethereal intellect. Where abstract notions carry weight with those who are yet to make connection to our living state, I needed to touch my metaphysics to life before I accepted obvious truth.

And through my life the obvious truth, that forever gap in me, from theory to our practical step, when thinking moves to actions learned and outcomes deep and patterned make for comprehension beyond our intellect and stamp our world with reality. Our reality is there to check our grasp of what we do in every day to make this living world agreeable to our view and why we have a purpose.

And why for years have many things so bothered me in the early hours, why indeed the mysteries of life of course, surround my daily crush to life and cramming in the living.

Complicated this sense of living and uncertainty, as nature drives us to experience the world we have, and nurture wants our answers to our being a being at all. We need to see our elements as clear as we can. Maybe determine what we learn each day with conscious thinking, or lose that sense of purpose. For if we were just natures tool, another development of the earth, then why are we so driven to accept there is always more to life and living?

More to living, more to being, more to being driven by our physical presence as nature let us grow. More to merely making more of what we have become. We have great pleasure in our living as we fear its loss if we are gifted so. Our spirit needs its sustenance beyond our physical connection to this world, or why have thought at all? And why do we believe in there being more to life as now know it? For it would be arrogant indeed to assume we are the highest beings that ever were to be or could be, just look at mankind and its progress to the stars…

And we develop in our mind a concept of a higher power beyond the realms of our near world where God may dwell and can share in another form of being for eternity. Or is that where our arrogance makes a leap of faith beyond the obvious we can see from natural laws. And bind us to our journey as seekers of truths we know and have no way to make that leap beyond our current senses.

Our rush to obvious truth. That we are spiritual and more, that we connect beyond the physical to something we have yet to see and surrounds us every day. A life force and a connection to a gift beyond the bounds of time itself. And science and our current place of truth is changing with each breath moving to our distant past and completion beyond the realms of time itself. Where mankind first had consciousness.

And where we left that consciousness to visit in the present. Our explanations of our state leave gaps where intuition fills our need to understand, and more, to make a sense of purpose. As science moves in deliberate ways, so too our consciousness perceives beyond our simple elements there is more to life than we now know, our science can tell us so. And yet we doubt and still consider that nature is all we know. But then that explanation leaves us wanting more to life itself.

One purpose surely is to live each day as day unfolds, to explore the gifts of life. For life is beyond compare, from rough and ready to complexity, we enrich our natural state. We add to nature every day and to our nurture we create realms of worlds within us.

Imagination fuels our quests where our consciousness determines as if serendipity, nature our vessel to make good our journey to destinations we may only guess. And if we merely live life with relish, even when the journey makes no sense at all and troubles us as death is never far away with all its consequence, to know the journey as we go will make all the difference.

Our minds are wrought with what we get from nature, never perfect we might think, and surely never long enough. And we are driven by circumstance and powerless we move most days except in choices we can make about our experience.

When wisdom is examined long after we have life as evidence, we smile with some surprise at ancient texts. What was so obvious to me in youth, has come full circle in my living. Those old and ancient times gone by, were a template explaining what we have inside, and make more sense through living. A statement of the obvious I know, and intuitive inside me saw, the sense of what they offered. Those deep and philosophical debates were always needed inside our minds, or why would we ever come to life and struggle with its living.

And when we turn away from thinking, we stop the quest inside, our moments count for less than we might hope. Hope so necessary in our psyche is a question I might propose.

And as for hope, in ancient times and mythological reposts was left in a box, as our world unleashed every element to satiate our senses, we deviate and lose our way when driven by our base nature. The appeal to higher consciousness and to a moral code, set all kinds of spiritual imperatives alight and make our sense of purpose or we live in hell confined to tread natures grift and toil.

From stories told around camp fires in ancient past and drawn upon the walls of time itself, to stories we make every day, real and imagined all the way, our journey is never quite clear without a meaning to our living. And so to the obvious.

Until we know our purpose, the gap between what we know for real, and what we think our purpose is, we fill our gap inside. Imagination fills our gap, and makes a sense of being , beings. One day when time has lost its meaning as we live, and we have journeyed way beyond this present moment, the statement of the obvious becomes more clear and simple if we accept our true size and dimensions.

So simple, simple is the truth if indeed we need explain our purpose we might seek, resides forever, evermore, in the ever present, present moment.

No laws of nature need apply, no need to set a Metaphysic loose to stem that bleeding rift, between the spiritual connection we might perceive as the ever present, present moment, is sucked to ego’s drift.

Let go, let good conscience steer a path so narrow we might gasp in awe as dawn breaks afresh and quiet stills the mind and days toil begins, and wonder at the day.

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