April 11th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ sixth sense ~

senses are connected to the mind, maintain peace of mind by using our eyes, ears and mouth with utmost care.

We all have the capacity to be good or bad, and somewhere in between. We all have the capacity to choose our path if we work hard enough to understand our past. We all have opportunity to change and make choices.

Some of us choose to stay the same and live with our good, our bad and in between. Some of us realise we can never maintain our place as it is now, because it does not work. And when we see others who do similar things as we in our journey, we have decisions to make.

When we value honesty and integrity. When we value our principles and values, and when we value forgiveness and moving, we get all sorts of dilemmas. In between keeping people informed and keeping ourselves true. And we run the risk of hurt to ourselves and others as the truth emerges.

I suppose I get as concerned as any who care for the feelings of others. When we get to accept another is not for influence, persuasion or change through example and support. We know we may need to let them go. Change happens from inside us, we understand our own place of acceptable behaviour and the consequences. Some consequences lead to a free life, others lead to constant fear of discovery and exposure. Its going to be a tough call in our behaviour when we choose the path of truth. And we need remind ourselves that our truth is as valid as the next persons truth. So we know others will not always agree or understand our viewpoint.

We may prepare for these times with good honest appraisal of ourselves and our situation, our reasoning and above all our feelings and gut reactions to people and situations.

All along in our lives we might have known our feelings and gut reactions were probably right, and we need to be aware of why this is so. All of us have superior capacities we tend to play down because its about fair play and chances. And especially in affairs of the heart we accomodate and broker and support as much as we are able.

People do need to chances and a break to make good. Just be aware when we give others a break, we donít switch off our senses and intuition. Mostly people will fuck up and we will keep an open mind. Just be aware of your own part and how you wish to conduct yourself. Sometimes it is true, we might find our time best spent to the good and not to repairing broken and irreparable harm, or harm will come to us. Sad, sad and more sad. We are human and we are all equipped the same. We are not judge and jury, we are able to make choices for ourselves. And sometimes like now, I face this situation. Time for me to let her go and move on and I hope for the best for both of usÖ