April 13th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ as good as it gets ~

“The more I develop the habit of noticing good, the more my own sense of wellbeing rises.”

Life can be as good as we want it to be. As long as our wants are near equal to our needs. Its definitlety a learning process, we need to learn what our needs are or we either have too little or too much. Striking a right balance is learned through experience.

When we learn there is scarcity, we learn to store in case what we need runs out. This applies in all our human doings. When we need food and its scarce, we store it up, every sort of food.

We save up and find storehouses. Physically we do this in vast warehouses or small pantries. Where there is adbundance we don't store anything, there is no need.

When we are loved we feel its presence and feel good about ourselves and our surroundings. Love is wellbeing. When love is scarce, we use our memories, our personal storehouse to recall how love feels. Our storehouse of love may be vast and sustain us for long periods. Mind you it remains a storehouse and not the real experience in each and every day. When we have plentiful love day to day, we are nourished. When love is scarce day to day, we are starved. We feel the starvation of the physical and emotional in just the same way, with pain and harsh feelings, they don't go away until we find them again.

Life is as good as it gets. A temperamental state, never quite secure and never ever guaranteed. We can gorge on life or loose interest, in between we wonder about the fuss others make on the extremes, until we have been there, and then we know...