April 15th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ humility ~

those of us who can adjust to any situation with humility possesses true greatness

It is very easy to talk about and discover our good qualities. And its very easy to talk about how to be the best and most well balanced person on the planet.

I am pleased to report none of us arrives in this world in a state of grace. We might arrive in innocence, then we have every human quality to develop. And we do. And we can truly find humility at the end of many experiences to the good and less good. Even bad is good in this respect, for we need to know the difference.

If we were always good, what would we learn? When we know better, we still may find some journey to our less honest selves. We do in fact let others be dishonest sometimes for a quiet life. And we will fool ourselves for long periods wishing others would show their better sides.

We need be careful and be honest. Honesty simplifies and keeps us strong. It is often weaker to hold to half truth and half honest times in our personal dealings, half measures bite back harder than clear and straight exchanges. We do need to experience all states to realise how easy it is to be confounded by our own lack of clarity.

Humility then, it's relative to our profound understanding of this universe and our right size in it. Or it's relative to our profound superficiality and indifference to ourselves and others. All of the above can and will apply as we learn and experience.