April 16th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ daily reflection ~

in silence lies the ability to listen to ourselves, to others and to our good conscience

We all live in the real world and for some the real world includes God. I am a supporter of the concept of God, and have no problem with faith and belief. I choose to accept the possibility of any and everything.

In the absence of any current divine intervention, I feel we must rely on our own good sense and our own good conscience. I believe those who would turn to God for inspiration might be as successful and equally inspired in good conscience.

Good conscience is developing all the time in all of us. Even when people do not behave consistent with good conscience, they are aware what conscience is. It is universal.

So where others evoke or invoke a treatise to God through prayer and reflection, I feel confident in summoning good conscience to the fore in my determinations.

Good conscience, always refining and becoming inside us, we cannot escape conscience and our consequences.

Good conscience also means we cannot be let off the hook for our prayers and our actions. Good conscience is a practical examination of ourselves and or with others.

Asking God for anything is pretty pointless, when accepting God as the creator means we are fully equipped for all eventualities.

Redemption and salvation lie in good conscience, our rewards in our experiences which lead us to our consequences. In life we are given our consequences and our conscience will be our measure. Our acceptance of our lives and our worth, measured in our conscience provides judgment day, every day. In all matters of conscience, we cannot cheat our own awareness, and we always find ourselves.

So in good conscience measure the day, reflect and see its purpose, redemption may always be possible in good conscience...