April 21st 2006

copyright don oddy

~ on matters of contentment ~

contentment does not come to those whose means are great, but to those whose needs are few

Content is a state of being. Comes from enough emotional physical and spiritual well being. When we have too much of anything we are consuming over our need and when we have scarcity we are driven to need.

More complications arise as their is no measure to indicate a particular benchmark for all and sundry. We meet our needs as time and experience allow.

If we are fortunate enough to have time to dwell on these matters we may find our level and our point of contentment. We used to get this point of contentment from nature and our nurture.

These days the distortion in our modern world has pushed our needs towards the emotional and physical with little comprehension of our spiritual.

Our skewed perceptions of need are lost to harsh times and demands on ourselves and our fellows, good conscience drifts in time and our salvation haphazzard.

Beware those who offer prescribed salvation and entry into their view of heaven. Modern man adapts and adopts belief to suit manmade visions and a state of grace in this world or the next. There is no such steady state.

Our perfect state, is imperfect, learning and developing as we may, Elysium and Utopia were forever lost to our nature and that of nature, metaphysics and natural physics.

Acceptance is the key...