April 22nd 2006

copyright don oddy

~ success ~

“The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces.”

If we consider the people, places and things in our lives we can certainly find many happy parking places. Yet we find as we go these stops along the way may ineed be just that, a place to drop off and stay a while.

We learn in life that everyone is learning and we need take account of how we behave towards all elements of life. We need to find our values and our principles. It is hard to find our code of life, for we see around us how imperfect this perfect world can be.

We need find our true consideration in all we do. Its as easy as looking in a mirror. If we are resolute in treating ourselves well, we are able to find resolve to treat others the same way. We develop our consideration of all life and everything.

Our journey is full of learning, we are never complete. We make as many mistakes along the way as there are days and ways to live.

To live and learn, to make good our day, to rise and start again with open mind and open heart our hardest lesson to learn as forever in our perfect word the imperfect human stands, however would we ever learn without imperfect present?