May 9th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ beyond the metaphysic ~

“Powerful thoughts create energy in the mind. Never doubt our ability to achieve the goal.” Brahma Kumaris

Energy, we have energy we can see and we have energy we feel. Energy goes beyond the physical it rests with us in our spiritual and metaphysical planes. We don’t often get to see our spiritual, yet we know we have these energies.

A particular energy we may wonder at and not even realise it is an energy in its true sense is the energy of peace and contentment.

I recollect a simple moment in time, many years ago where energy of peace and contentment were complete, an energy of calm of miraculous proportions where my mind was stilled, I was with my lover, she and I spent in passion, the world was still and every breath and every movement was in harmony.

Touching the whole world with every passing breath, I felt a complete contentment beyond any physical metaphor. A door of another part of our world open, hearing and sensing every element and moving through time as if eternity was here to stay. A moment to rock my world. A moment where every expression of love is beyond words where I was unified in mind to our human spirit. Half conscious of every movement and moment to come across time. The revelation that our connection to this earth is merely a part of the vast Universe. A revelation of purpose beyond toil.

So rare to snatch a glimpse of the beyond, marked in time and memory, beyond forgetting, for we never forget any element we encounter. The magic of energy encapsulated and informing, offering peace in its true form.

A moment where dreams and reality merged into conscious recognition. Born in a moment of complete joy. With nothing more than breath and love to sustain the moment, bliss made reality.

Such moments of clarity, offered every day to many and lost in the turmoil of living, we can have so many moments open to us and miss them all in a lifetime as the bustle of the present pushes our consciousness to the here and now. Such revelations are seen as uncommon visions when in reality these visions sit with us all our lives. We become immune to our true purpose in the detail of living.

Humanity soars when it dreams and makes dreams real. Humanity drudges as we fight with elements and become embroiled in mechanisms to control our nature and our world. So challenged we offer ourselves to immutable contradictions in our philosophies of life.

We would be powerful over our domains as if we ever owned them, we would be powerful and command our world, yet it is not our world to command. We fight to make our presence felt when in fact our presence is felt without hindrance should we choose to acknowledge our gifts.

At war with peace and driven to war to be peaceful, we covet contentment and loose contentment in our drive towards it. Moving from our nature as we become more adept our nurture pulls us towards our material and spiritual worlds. Both exist and can be complimentary as we work out our true purpose, and often warring inside until we get to the meaning of our lives. T o live completely and acquire enlightenment as we go.

There is contentment in our experience and journey across every encounter we make in this world. We need look deep into our living and the living passed into our memories through words and nature to see a purpose greater than this. Or must we become so disingenuous that we side with disbelief and cast out of our conscious acceptance of the whole of life.

Do we hold to our fate? That we are predictable? For if we do, then we are lost to old patterns cast in stone by ourselves or great forces who hold sway over every moment we are given breath. That our gift of life is not our own but merely the will of a power certainly greater than our own which we fight. Or a power beyond imagination offering our free will to determine and grow beyond our wildest dreams.

In the perfect world of prediction we are lost to fates and stars and alchemy born of control. In the perfect imperfect world where we seek contentment and joy, our imperfection is tacit and integral to our purpose, and we need never be delivered into hands of powers higher than our own. For true higher powers have no concern with our journey, beyond its possibility. Powerful thoughts, the expression of man, powerful feelings the expression of humanity, and common to us all.

We may do well to move more with our world than control it, we might do well to acknowledge our neighbour in our global living and not let them go to forces we have at our collective disposal.

When we have society, we have unison, where we develop our outlook and become adept and widen our borders beyond our simple community, we see our world in conflict, all moving forward towards harmony or extinction. From primitive and ancient to developed and modernity, our humanity speeds along as if drawn to grow beyond boundaries of olden times. Yet intellect holds back our flow, and feelings and expression seem to drive us all the same from the dawn of mankind. Our emotional and spiritual components somehow out of time with intellects pull to dominate our world.

Mastery of life is not mastery of what we survey. Mastery of life is beyond our simple purpose to understand there is a purpose at all. And when we are frightened by our universe we linger to control and make good what we cannot avoid, that breath drawn will sooner than we might wish be ended.

The gift of contentment is in our journey through the ever present present, our conscious connection to this moment and every moment. Toil is a means to our emotional and spiritual growth passed to future generations in our doing, not our mastery of the physics of life.

We may find the pull to the tangible so attractive on our journey we miss another part of our puzzle. We are not the final cut of humanity, for if we were, there indeed would be no purpose at all to living. So pertinent to us, and significant to the Universe, we forget in mastery and understanding, that we are no bigger or smaller than any other, our stretch across this present no more or less connected than any other participant in life.

Contentment is acceptance of a fate, fated to be a part of living. Our mistaken intellect holding our prediction of ourselves hostage to our development beyond dreams and mists in time. Our spiritual and emotional insides bursting beyond boundaries we cannot see and only choose to perceive in our beliefs.

The greatest joy in life is gifted in sadness, the paradox of construction is deconstruction. Where science and faith collide? There is no real polemic to the true believers in life itself. For in our mastery we see our novice and the novice is fundamental in all of us, how else would we find fantastic, this world and universe, beyond dreams and stars.

Copyright © Don Oddy


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