don journeyman daily

February 1st 2006
copyright don oddy

~ patience ~

What are we to do in a world which is continually demanding we work harder and play harder? And the world will not slow down for us to play catch up. Never has this become more evident as our complex societies become evermore a labyrinth where no one person will ever master our Universe.

Maybe we seek our speciality and our place. Our career and our world according to what we choose or is chosen for us. Maybe we acknowledge the breadth and depth of our life and what makes it worth living. Or maybe we don't.

Choose one thing you want to do today, to bring you some pleasure and some joy. Celebrate having done this one thing. And consider how often you wish to feel good about what you do, rather than doing it for the sake of it.

Habits last a lifetime if we don't pause now and then to work out why we have always done it that way. Maybe a better life exists in this day, the present day, the ever present present...