don journeyman daily
February 4th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ putting on a brave face ~

How much of our time is spent in putting on a brave face? We forget we are animals just like the rest of those we see every day. And we see in the animals around us the behaviour of putting on a brave face, to protect both physical and mental aggression. We humans are no different, we put on our brave face to protect ourselves physically and emotionally.

So in this world of enlightenment, we deny our true selves to those around us to avoid further pain and humiliation, its in built and we are born to lie.

So when we get more confident and able, in all respects, our need to hide and deflect may be less frequent and our true self and vulnerability is turned to strength not weakness. Typical behaviour to hide our feelings of vulnerability are now viewed often as weakness. How you feel about your relative truth and honesty is your measure of self.

Find your safe place and levels of exposure to your fellows. Don't take on the bravado of others who may espouse courage and then find life untenable. May sure you make your tenure on your life work for you.

We are developing as a race, but humanity is only able to develop according to our genes and common ground. We are all subject to our biology and development. Nature makes it so, nurture would wish it were more rapid.

Be aware our nature and the natural world. Our development is linked far closer than our intellect tells us, our biology is integral. And it is no surprise we avoid our roots as a species, and we do at our peril for our existence is perilous.