DonInLondon - Exculpatus

Forget me

How I lived might haunt me
as I whisper across time,
only a distant memory
captured in a fleeting wisp
lost to dreams and reality

I felt the pain of many passing
close and cherished in my heart
yet such sting I would spare any
when my turn comes to depart

Without your recollection
as if never touched
forget me and in loving memory
live joyful in the present day
in wonderment with a wistful smile

Who was that thoughtful fellow
with many words and wisdom shared
and how so do I think like he
or is it he who thought like me
our metaphysics we compared

So forget me and live today
lost in time the world moves
and reflections make no dent
on who I was it does not matter
my bones to dust as spirits rent

So time heals as forgetful souls
repair to other realms
and forgotten I go with lightest touch
lest hearts might break
in recollections voice…

forget me when I am gone

©Don Oddy 20/08/2005

Therefore if Nature has planned the human body so that the members correspond in their proportions to its complete configuration, the ancients seem to have had reason in determining that in the execution of their works they should observe an exact adjustment of the several members to the general pattern of the plan. Therefore, since in all their works they handed down orders, they did so especially in building temples, the excellences and the faults of which usually endure for ages.