the odd chronicle

February 8th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ Tosh ~

Tosh is a friend of mine. He is a friend I hardly ever see, just the way it is. Tosh mentioned in a moment of deep reflection the value of truth and honesty.

Tosh reminded me that truth does not discriminate. It is not able to make us happy or sad. Only we can do this.

He reminded me of a relationship he once had, where his partner walked out on him. He hated what happened. It took him a long time to realise that in her leaving, he had got his power and sensibilities back, to start afresh. After all there was no point to the relationship carrying on, one sided at best, a sham at worst.

And there is the relief, when we realise we can have it all, but the it and the all are not always what we expect. A calmness and recognition of having our wits and our options fully open, it is liberating as long as we work through our will and our ego!

Tosh on tosh or what? Some tosh we all go through, and from Tosh we can learn a gift so precious. That our lives are only over when last breath is drawn. Until then anything is possible, desirable, achievable and reconciled in the day. Maybe mostly, possible, hopefully...