the odd chronicle

February 20th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ start the week ~

Blimey! still full of cold and low energy. Much in the news to make anyone doubt the sanity of politicians.

It struck me, that in the west, politicians are unused to mass popular interest in what is going on compared to the middle and far east, where politics and other national matters are very much in the public mind.

In the mind of the public...

I wonder what our lot (political parties and politicians) would do if we were more active politically? Probably they would find it hard to cope. For we have become less enhusiastic as this decade is waning. Its not apathy, its a simmering angry feeling which is permeating further into all of our society about our political leaders. They are all half baked and all self obsessed. And without real merit in their deeds and actions.

A bunch of sentimental hacks? Time will tell, as this spinning bunch of yahoo's make more mess and havoc, by trying to do the righ thing and failing to understand what it is. Tossers one and all if feels like presently.