the odd chronicle

February 24th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ prospects ~

Every human being has prospects. Its an interesting word, we use it often, meaning a positive look at ones present and future life.

Prospects, like prospecting for gold I guess, can be a rewarding and wonderful experience.

Yet these days some prospects looming have definite problems for those who pitch their future too high that they cannot reach.

It really comes home to me, as someone who has definitely seen life in all its glory and dearth that great sadness befalls many who aspire beyond their true potential and beyond achievable dreams.

We may often speculate that the world is our oyster, when in fact the oysters are rare and hard to own.

That we fish with the wrong tackle, in waters too shallow or deep and in a vessel without seaworthiness.

It seems we live in a world marketed at feeding our desires and not delivering either to our imagination or our true capacities. We need more than ever sure counsel and steerage as we navigate the oceans of this earth, both as a physical and metaphysical adventure.

And in our adventures there will be verve and sparkle, joyful and hapless happenstance, where we fear to, and go to tread. Tread soft as my imagination feeds my dreams, tread soft as another says…

“Hey who’s walking on my sky!”