February 27th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ start the week ~

Sometimes we need be gentle as we start the week. We tend to think it best to gear ourselves up, psyche ourselves and generally move our thinking to a faster pace.

Our brains do have optimal levels of efficiency. In fact the efficiency of our brains is not affected if we are generally well and stable.

We get the most out of ourselves by developing our understanding of our pace and ability to process.

We might compare ourselves to computers with a chip. The chip we have from birth is the best we have. We learn our capacity and efficiency.

Unlike a computer, we cannot increase our load processing or size. We might train our minds to be optimal. And optimal with necessary breaks, rests and time out.

If we are satisfied with our optima, manage it as we see fit. Make our week work for us and others. Work hard and relax and rest, feel our worth and value in what we do.

If we are facing challenges which are not letting us enjoy our optimal performance, then we may consider change and plan accordingly. And if we are beoming dysfunctional we might consider major changes to meet our optima.

Our balance of life experience is made good when we can feel our world, from pith and grit, to sublime life enhancing events. Mind, body and spirit find resonance with frequency and familiarity. It is ever so...