March 16th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ deceptions we experience ~

From the little white lie we use every day to help ourselves and others feel good, to the biggest imaginable lies, we are all guilty of deception sometime in our lives. Deception has its uses I have always been led to believe. Yet deception of any kind discovered leads to mistrust and worry. For when we lose trust, how can we believe in people around us?

I do try as hard as I can to avoid deceptions, to myself first and then in practice to others. What point is their in saying to someone that they look wonderful when they look awful? And on that careful premise are ways and means of telling the truth. Have a go and see how easy or hard it can be. My conditioning has always been to encourage and assist through charm and flattery. Sometimes this leads to hard and difficult outcomes.

What on earth has our culture become where we continue to pull the wool over each others eyes? Most likely we have not evolved quite as far as we might wish. Illusions and dark, imagination and light, smoke and mirrors and hard knocks come in time whichever way we go.