March 21st 2006

copyright don oddy

~ rocking horse shit ~

What you truly require and what you truly desire will always come. Open yourself to the possibilities and allow them.A rich abundance stretches out in every direction. Let yourself see it and it is yours.Now is the place where life is lived. Take care not to overlook it.

This is the moment when your thoughts and actions have real power. Make the most of it, and there is no limit to the heights you can reach.There is nothing to be gained by clutching and taking, for you already have it all. The real joy comes when you appreciate the value and beauty of life to such a degree that you make it even more so.Sing the song that is playing all around you. Add your own voice to the harmony of life in this unique and beautiful moment.

-- Ralph Marston

Sentiments are as useful as a chocolate padlock when our mood is affected. When we are low what we read is as impossible as finding rocking horse shit.

Find ways to improve mood, be clear on setting our boundaries. Keep our focus a day at a time. And the rest will flow. Planning too far ahead will limit our potential to a plan which is out of date the moment its made...