March 26th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ corruption ~

As soon as we enter this world we are all subject to the corruption of our society and culture. Seems we might learn early what is good and what is bad. We don’t because we are human. We need our humanity, we need forgiveness and we need compassion.

All of us are influenced to the good and the bad, we learn to understand the difference. We also learn to compromise because non of us is perfect.

We learn the difference and move on, we get chance and opportunity. We never forget what we have done and we all exercise good conscience eventually, provided we understand we can deny anything and everything. There will always be a reckoning for our behaviour. And the reckoning is always inside, we live with our memories. And those memories bring home the consequences.

Redemption and retribution, some of us get this sooner rather than later. We then have the opportunity to atone and move on. We might learn from history and from others if we are fortunate. Nothing is ever forgotten, its with us forever.

Acceptance is the key and forgiveness is an inside job, and if we are lucky others will come to the same conclusion.

There are no givens or rights in this world, only common understanding and good conscience. Humanity has come a long way, we have as far to go and more to evolve and understand our nature and our destiny…