March 31st 2006

copyright don oddy

~ Living for today ~

We have to be around long enough to understand what it means to be living today. We live in a world which is full with ideas and suggestions for ourselves, family and friends. We are subjected to an endless stream of media, which tells us if we are right to be happy with our lot, or not and consequently striving forever to be acceptable.

Our acceptability is always going to be our personal measure, that we are acceptable to ourselves. The problem we encounter is that we learn what is acceptable from every other source but what we see in the mirror.

From our earliest days we want to love and be loved. Loving is the primary element which makes life worth living.

Without love our world will collapse very quickly and it matters not whether we are the strongest or weakest, without love there is little purpose to living our lives.

So however much we might deny our needs for love, because its cool to be strong, its cool to be independent and its cool to be cool, if we don't learn to experience love, we are truly handicapped.

So its important when living the day we do something to help ourselves feel loved. And the most obvious as we get with being cool is to like ourselves enough to be happy. Liking ourselves is something we learn from people who like us. And when we find we don't like the people or situations where we are not liked or appreciated, we may give ourselves the opportunity to change.

Hard and fast we might find our self liking easier where we encounter others liking us. And our culture these days does not always help us, our family or our community to express this fundamental requirement of living.

Our world is consumer driven, and we are seen to consume. We tend to use everything around us as if it were to be used and then discarded. Little wonder we find others treat us like this and we treat them the same. Better to find some parts of the day where we like what we do, we enjoy time with people who sustain and like us. This can be hard. Don't give looking for like minded people, give trying to please dislikeable people behaving badly. Let go of people who don't help you or support you. Move on and find good relationships. Be strong and move on. Stay still and we get stuck trying to make the best of difficult and bad situations. We don't have time to make nasty people different from how they are. They most likely will remain nasty to you or toxic and poisonous.

If we know we are good people and we encounter difficult circumstances, we do the wise move, to move on. Love and liking is precious. Stay with hateful people and we end up like them, we won't make them better, only they can change and work hard to make their lives work.

The most important aspect is to recognise we have the power to move ourselves, and that other people need make themselves change. Being powerless over others is the greatest favour we can do for ourselves. It means we look after ourselves and let others look after themselves.

Being powerless over anything is actually the greatest power of all. For when we see our true capacity for change is within and with help from supportive people we blossom, find ourselves and find our true nature. And in so doing we find like minded people we will like and love. We will be more fulfilled in our present day, being powerfully powerless over every other element of life but our own.

Our journey in life is as we can make and develop it, with influences we choose, the hardest lesson in life is to move on and let go nasty obnoxious people who we owe nothing to and will drag us down emotionally, spiritually and physically as they produce toxic waste to pollute the planet.

This is a principle and not an overnight development. We will spend a lifetime, a day at a time resolving how we will live, make do, make changes, forgive mistakes and move on. We learn most from dark experiences to know what we might avoid when we can, and we learn most how we want to live from light and joyful experiences. Then we have opportunity to share our experiences our strengths and hopes for today, and the future.

Best work on today, a little bit at a time, make good our choices and make our world work. Acceptance of this simple principle will make life as hard or easy as we choose. Our experience is to make mistakes and change and learn, our day is more full for our learning and moving along. Being stuck sucks...