April 9th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ happiness ~

work without happiness is like a burden that we have to endure, but when we are internally happy it becomes a game, and we're just having fun

We all work, even when we don't think its work, it is work. We have so many automatic responses to living we have no conscious knowledge of everything we do to keep oursleves going.

Strange we forget to put a bit of work into our happiness. Maybe we might learn to breathe better, do a little exercise for just a few minutes. Relearn what makes us tick in the simplest ways.

Today just remind ourselves to breathe, to listen to how we are feeling and ask ourselves why. Do one thing we like and then a few things we feel we need to do. Take a proper break and look at the sky, see something there or in our minds eye. Daydream a few seconds and smile from a memory we love to play over and over. All done in a minute! Means we can move on and take anything this day holds, or take time to find our happiness another way.