April 18th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ true freedom ~

“true freedom means to be beyond the influence of people and possessions.”

How can we be truly free. Maybe at birth we are truly free, maybe at death we are truly free and somewhere in-between either we are consumed by our environment or we make best use of everything in our real world.

Surely there is some balance here, for we are surely influenced by everything as we are by nothing. We come into this world and live, somehow with support and nurturing. And we come with natures gifts.

We learn, we use we develop and we get on with living or living makes us get on. We have predetermined needs and wants. Our science shows us as our feelings dictate. We are hostage one way or another and to suggest we be beyond people and possessions might seem so alien a concept we ignore and deny its possibility, for such freedom is the stuff of dreams.

Or is it? Maybe we are here to find our path, to understanding who we are. And maybe what we stand for, although no stand is needed, unless the threat to our very existence makes our agenda rich in matters never meant to be.

This forever battle of good and evil, the ying and yang of modernity dragged from ancient past holds us to ransoms in time.

We find solace where and when we can or never contemplate our metaphysic as material worlds drag us ever towards hard rocks and bad knocks.

Our glimmer lies in ready driving forces keeping our humanity alive, to get where God intended and "good conscience" offers us hope. This world of fanatical polemics drives us to distraction and action takes us oft to brink where we lose sight of our humanity.

Driving driving forces, force the common man, to virtue and destruction as leaders and philosophers direct us to what is often sham.

Reflect reflect and harmonise our feelings and our thoughts to higher ways of living, and bring the rest of man…

Good conscience we might accept, our higher thoughts and feelings, expressed in hope, for evermore our quest in a world where nature makes madness of our love.