May 4th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ life never cheats us ~

ďThe way to get things done is not to mind
who gets the credit for doing them.Ē

We do get ticked off when put so much hard work into projects and we get this feeling we have been overlooked and not recognised for our contribution. Its tough when we give so much and we donít feel appreciated. And it takes a long time to work out why our better nature is being abused. We do get pissed off with users of all kinds we encounter. Work is work, appreciation and feeling good come from recognition.

Sometimes we need to take ourselves in hand and rethink our motives for what we do. Certainly we can be unstinting supporting good causes and working on people and relationships we value. Just because others donít see, we need not become bitter in our outlook.

There are two things we can do, first is to stop doing things we are not appreciated for and the second is to not beat ourselves up for our endeavour. If we accept we worked hard for the good of everyone and nothing was recognised, we can at least hold our account and make ourselves recognise our worth and our motives. As they say, what other people think is none of my business, especially if they are not thinking anything at all! We learn where to place our effort and must feel good for our application and personal drive to achieve. So fuck the other bastards is sometimes the best consolation. Then to laugh and shrug off and remember what happened so we donít keep doing things which have no value . And especially in matters of love, lavish our endeavours more carefully, and never regret the outcomes when they donít favour our efforts. Be calm and appraise and learn. For love is never lavished without learning more about ourselves and our passion. We make good in the end with ourselves and we donít get bitter when we are invisible to others.

Credit where it is due, we can take account and take stock, we make good our choices with open minds and open hearts. We need also recognise that not everyone we encounter has the same principles and values as us. We learn our values and many are learning theirs. We make good our principles from our own mistakes and misunderstandings, so we need to be forgiving of ourselves and others.

We keep our human values and our best qualities and hone our skills as we grow. Everyone is in the same boat, and never pulling together as we might envision. Life, what fuck up it can be. Life, what a kick when it works.

We need optimism in our outlook and we need realism when we look back, we need an open mind to outcomes as we work our living. Living teaches all of us at different speeds, and if you are like me, prone as any other to great mistakes and blunders, then we are also prone to great success and positive endeavour. So easy to lose our common touch and become trapped in old recurring nightmares where we find nothing works. And the answer there is when nothing is working its time to move on and work at something else. Our ego will keep us locked in mock battles, our sense will keep us moving along, our good conscience will sustain us as we understand our part in all we do. Good conscience, as masterful as our experience of life, so useful as we develop our hindsight and so necessary to make good our choices as we move on and make to the good and better, the present and the future.

don's daily