May 5th 2006

copyright don oddy

~ riders of the storm ~

“What I am experiencing at this moment is the result of choices and decisions made in the past; what I will experience in the future depends on choices and decisions I make now.” Brahma Kumaris

Years ago, I heard another of these interesting observations on life. It was the definition of insanity. “ Insanity: doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.” And it strikes me as an ordinary traveller in this Universe I am very good at doing the same thing over and over and hoping something different will happen. And doing the same thing worked for a long time so why change? And then things went wrong and changing was the only way.

I still look back with surprise at my inability to make necessary changes. I worked as a change agent and regularly changed my outlook and behaviour to meet changing conditions and environments. And now I realise that the ever changing me was the problem. A chameleon, able to change to environments and people and situations. And being this changeable, adaptable and forever changing, almost a random me, meant I never really got to know what and who I am. So much change and adaption kept me busy many years and successful in what I was doing day to day and year to year. And still my gaps in happiness just yawned to gaping until I fell down, lost and broken. There is more to each saying we encounter and there is more to adapting in this ever changing world.

Why such a changeable me? It is with the benefit of hindsight that we can learn, that is, if we have the luxury to look back and make sense of what our history help us become.

With intellect and good will, we can be encouraged to develop and become anything and everything. As we look at the world with seemingly infinite options, we can have choices beyond measure. We can make use our talents and make good our lives. Sometimes though we have talent in plenty and we have options to excel as learn the skill of life. We can be anything and we are drawn to achieve because we have learned its value, we are learning and striving and conforming. And as long as we do what we do for the right reasons, life works and is pleasurable. Would we really have to think hard about our choices if our path were as easy? For some though life is just that easy, they sit on easy street. I never knew my easy street. And there is nothing wrong with finding an easy path. For often what appears easy is the ease of others and their living process. Easy street is maybe another pipe dream for some with disaffected views on living.

So to choices we have. In early life our choices are driven by our family and culture and morals and values we adopt because that is all we know. And if this is all we know, we know no better or worse.

We can, and in my case find it hard to understand the game of life. I stumbled never ever certain what it was all about. Life did not readily present questions or answers. I never really got to grips with just being. For me life much more often was about being uprooted and moved about and trying to catch up and never quite getting this place where people seemed peaceful and harmonious. It was always struggle, fearful and full of penalties as they felt, where punishment not always violent but certainly felt was ever present. Choices were to find safe ground where no one would find me, the real me, the self I would experience. So my choices to be adaptable, be flexible, go with the flow, find things to be good at and not ever really determining the choices except by circumstance, my choice to be a chameleon.

And with many years of travelling it is without doubt a pleasure to take time to reflect and choose some choices for today. I choose to find work, to find gainful employment, I choose to live and grow. I choose to explore my spiritual self, where I am certain in my living, my principles and values. I choose to accept my equality, no bigger or smaller than any other. I choose to be respectful and listen, take account of this world and what goes on. I choose to challenge where I see injustice and unfairness. I choose to know the truth, and I know my views will change. I choose to be myself and conduct according to my ethics. I choose good as far as I can see good. And know I will be as human as anyone else in my journey, with wishes and reactions and responses. And I will learn.

To be a chameleon, it’s a survival strategy where we can adapt and keep on going, and on my way from here, I will take particular attention to who and what I stand for. I choose to reclaim the real me and how I behave in this world.

And there is certainly a lot of self analysis involved in this way of life. And it cannot be done in isolation, for we evolve and develop across the canvas of this earth. Interdependent yes, need to be adaptable, yes and critical is our core self, intrinsic and extrinsic, around human dynamics of control, inclusion and love.

So to history, we do eventually learn that doing the same thing over can be insane, and especially where it will lead, usually dependence, and usually imbalance and most often insanity when we hope for different outcomes. And we can learn from history and make our choices, we can be these wonderful “Visioneers” and Experiencers of ever changing states. And what makes that work? Knowing ourselves, our nature and our nurture, our value and worth, and with an equality of view to the existence of all who walk this Earth.

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