May 12th 2006

copyright© don oddy

~ love me do ~

That cold and empty moment where fear lurks

That cold and empty moment, where we feel that fear forever present, where hapless happy souls are driven to torment. That cold as truth is on the lips of our love and closest mortal soul. That cold as triumph nears where truth is out and loss is coming, that awful crushing truth, love imagined disappears in words rushed out to let the owners voice find freedom in their utterance. That truth I fear as love is leaving.

And in near panic if I dared to show my loss I would scream as loud and hard, to close my ears to those harsh words soft spoken in the mists. Standing as if frozen to the ground I stand with brave heart in my bones and crumbling strength becomes my norm as love is moving on.

No matter what I might have done, the torture is becoming, as truth is softly given delivered without care I tend to feel, yet truth has no emotion there. I hear the words and cannot see, my eyes are dark with stabbing pains, my love is leaving, no just a lingering presence speaks, for her being left long ago. I doubt she was ever there.

And silence deafens memories as moments turn to hours, its days and months and years ago, and still my recollections clear of every single word she said, “I’m leaving” and then returned to my old world, just me alone with fear.

Abandonment sits with me as I turn to you, and every intimate note is clouded with those memories as if I wear them like a shroud. No feeling comes to me, for if I dared to share my love, the outcome and the truth will out, no intimacy and that is clear.

And that lonely passion sits so careful with the truth, meticulous in all I do, no risks are offered in our suit, for in the dark I fear that loss. Complete as in a tragic tale and seldom open to that ridicule I cannot expose, the wounded love inside cries out to take a chance on love.

I dare not if I do, reveal the damage in my soul, for if I do you will run away, and so in isolations grip, sits coldly? No I know the truth as contemplation brings my truth, a warmth of heart and open mind allows me every gifted moment to reflect that love is well and kept from harm in a tower made so strong, love comes out bounding with the dawn and makes for summers touch on hearts like mine. We break and so broken mend with any fix we can achieve and limp to victory. Until we see impostors touch was all that kept me from the truth, illusions and imagined being, was never there in reality.

Hold safe to virtue and to time as mending still takes time, and helps evolve a stronger me, and open mind helps me see, not just my truth. Your trial is over in my mind, I see your blindness too, for in your purpose driving you, I never was the one for you. I am clear as day in how I knew the end and yet love remained so blind, for in the real world I walk, every clue was there for me to know, and seen in mirrors of the soul, my own and yours were sharp and clear, it was merely a wish and ending I feared.

Driven by deep torments as this world creates in every mind, we find when journeying along loves path, we are the same when it comes to want. And want is something we do know and leave the clues undone to show, our love was incomplete.

Time and moments, passions rent, we were at odds with partnership. And made a bargain with lament, so dashed and driven to our plight, we were forever condemned.

And now when parley comes to us, we shudder as we speak of grief and hold to never miss the truth and yet we pull our punch, as hurting our love is never our way, to crush a lovers confidence in life. Inadequate we leave half said the damage that is wrought and offer soothing remembering where love could nest and grow. I would not give my lover up, to her punishment with truth, for in that truth I’d die of grief to deal and aim that mighty blow and show connivance with a lie, betraying the betrayer, I would rather die!

Keep safe and hope the legend works as real to me as mythology, and in tales concocted share my grief, less in the woe of breaking hearts I killed a love of sorts. We do our utmost to appear and keep ourselves safe from fear. Yet fear is never far away as truth is uttered every day.

And learning as we go through times so harsh we wonder, as survive we must, to recollect in truth we trust. Ah hapless are the gifted minds, as kindred spirits drift. We are inclined to let them go and see our world remain intact, forgiving all that passes as we go, and hope keeps its contract clear, it is eternal and not lost to time.

Keep safe and learn my lesson well, not taught or aided by my hand as awful as it sounds, not cowardly I hold those tragic moments in my grasp and will not let them go. Enlightened minds will always see that pain will from memory, as all is revealed across our, for now my time in journeys and another's hand in mine.

Judgment and the slow reveal as tempered in all time, gives knowledge to our learning selves, and keeps us safe as we condone, the path is theirs and not for me, those demons with our broken love, we face alone, forever crimes.

Forgiven and remembered times, forgotten as love rises, meets our challenge and gets our grip to truth, as fear itself it disappears and holds to testaments we see. Our time will come for you and me.

Copyright © Don Oddy

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