May 27th 2006

copyright© don oddy

~ old difference new diversity ~

“Stay full of peace yourself and know that this peace will reach your loved ones and ultimately the whole world.”

Peace, love and harmony. All part of a master plan for mankind. We may wish it so and we might come to learn that we prefer peace, love and harmony. Yet we know every element of our nature. We know we have peace, love and harmony inside us and we know we have the opposites as well. We can have peace, when we know conflict, we can experience love when we know hate and we can become harmonious when we realise conflict and hate make our lives miserable and worthless. Yet we know we can be driven by both these states of being.

In fact as we develop we know we can separate our emotions, be in love and in hate, we can be at peace yet war in the same moment and we can be balanced across all our emotions as we derive the source of our feelings and experiences. We live in this ever changing pattern and patina of life.

When we grow, it all makes less sense than we may have considered when as innocents we had little experience of complex living. How can we love and hate different things, how can we love and hate the same thing and most often a person or people? What drives us to these bitter inconsistent thoughts and always predicated on our feelings.

How can we love someone who does not love us back, and hate them for their lack of love. How can we keep these conflicts of will going on and on? Are we mostly deluded in our world. Are we in chaos most of the time, are we so inconsistent that these virtues we are taught are actually meaningless and driven into us by dogma?

Are we the unhappy souls of eternity caught in some conflict or war, between the good and evil of the Universe? Why is this so complicated and how can we get out of this nasty and terrible pattern?

When we live to ideals and principles and values, we slide back and away from these perfect imperfect states simply because the world and everything in it is never in a place of constancy. Nothing is ever the same from one moment to the next, nothing is ever written in stone in the real world.

Some are on a journey to peace, some on a journey of the damned and some somewhere in the middle making the best of what they encounter. There is nothing solid, for with every birth there is innocence and with every death so ends another corruption. The cycle of life ongoing and perpetual, forever developing beyond where it ends as each new generation forges just that little bit ahead of where it started before.

Our imperfect, perfect world, we can see if we take a wide view, the vision of a future as we develop and become more civilised, where mankind is less at war and more at peace.

These things will happen, I am confident as we provide for needs of all and stop the wants which make us different, the learning, the education and the understanding of our humanity, then we will become unified and more harmonious. In how many lifetimes? As many as it will take and far beyond my lifetime.

We see the conflicts as our human world is globalised, we are not smart people as we are now. We base our lives on economy which makes difference a value, diversity a prejudice and conflict inevitable. We developed our understanding of scarcity to justify ownership, we justify ownership to justify property, we justify property to legitimise control, and we want control so we exercise power over our domain.

We are sadly approaching our world of abundance with a paucity of mind and in doing so making it ever more easy to make difference between peoples, and not value the diversity of our civilisation.

We always see power in the hands of old authority which leeches and breaks new generations into its philosophy, we see the competitive drive bring down government and perpetuate famine, we see those who join in and become established turned from the general good to consumers of specific wants and so become chained forever without an escape from the drudgery of living, we see faith destroyed utterly as economy breaks down humanity.

And we have conscience which we stir as there are many who cling to ideals, and wrap their human ideals into faith, and then into their religious authority. We see many conflicted by territory, race and religion, and where we see these conflicts of self interest rather than the interest of humanity, we are caught in the mud of timeless wars and conflict. We do not see our spirit of nature or our common humanity. If we see a man dying from starvation in front of us, we will most likely feed him. If we see a beggar in the street we most likely ignore him. Yet they are the same man.

Our perceptions driven mad by prejudice, and we make difference our vehicle to justify rough treatment and starvation. When we ask similarity of ourselves, we see a dying man starving, ask ourselves, but for the chance of nature we walk hungry and not with excess in our belly.

How can this world survive and move from conflict when we are forever making economy and difference the key to harmony? We will not for we will always assume prejudice and we will always assume wrongly that patronage has a limit and death is a statistic we can live with in our own good conscience.

When leaders like ours commit us to war, even when we don’t want them there is still something so wrong with our system of living, we might ask ourselves how our democracy is working. And as our leaders sit and scratch their heads in defiance at their failures, we sit and mourn our ideals and principles and values. As leaders justify their wars with principles of economy and diversity and power, then we are lost to our time to change matters.

As leaders see similarity, humanity and diversity then we see a move to the real value of human beings who are driven mad in this conflicted world. Ask a starving and hungry man and woman with children what they fight for? They fight for life and their children, enough food and a roof over their heads. Ask a leader what he fights for, and it is not those things, it is for power and defence and difference and keeping the balance of power where it is, in their hands.

Globalisation is showing us the way, and globalisation is making this small world smaller across vast differences and distance. If when we look back and see our diversity and similarity, future generations will look on us in horror at what we put our fellows in this through. We will not be seen as civilised, far from it, we will be seen as ignorant and stupid.

Our world has abundance and can be renewed if it were working together. Not as a collective where one uniform size fits all, but where we recognise diverse and similar needs, that we have abundance when we develop and reward so. Is it so hard to see a vision of living where we work to the common good? Most certainly it is for we are trapped in our self wants and self driven communities.

Our geographies and economies are breaking down, labour and cost is driving our civilised centres into decay as wealth is spread so thin we cannot sustain our living even in our own lifetime. We are in debt to our future and future generations, we have mortgaged our living on our future prosperity, which shifts as those who have nothing work more for less.

When we recognise our folly and share in this diverse world we might find surprisingly that shifts in economy and difference will fail us, where working in diversity and abundance will make for a better living for all humanity.

When our attitude is small world and self interest, we develop conflict. When our attitudes move to a global world and everyone’s interest our whole human thinking will develop beyond our wildest dreams.

Times they are changing and we are caught in a time when humanity will change beyond all recognition, we will be the dinosaurs of the future ages of mankind, forever caught in petty differences as diversity will shape our behaviour in generations to come.

It was ever thus, we build out of what we have, we never ever had a perfect world and imperfectly we learn from time and experience. We are young in our civilisation, we might never reach our human potential as nature is destroyed and our imbalance wipes out our futures.

There are enough people in this world to see the opportunity to make a vision where we all move forward, if it were not for self interest and old power holding back changes, our development would be lightening in human terms. We cannot hurry old thinking which sticks like glue. Or new emerging economies who want more of what we had before diversity finds its true path, they will hold us to old traditions as their wealth increases and we are diminished.

Our world, starving in abundance will use conflict as its catalyst and peace in its future, where love prospers in similarity, diversity and no one will know the difference. Except of course in history….

Copyright © Don Oddy