June 27th 2006

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~ Taking care of Business ~

In our living we can get involved in all sorts of activities, we do so mostly because we feel attracted to an idea, a concept, a set of actions which will have benefit for ourselves and others. We generally have good intent. We embark in the spirit of open and honest endeavour. At least we hope we do and we hope others may be living to the same principles.

Sometimes we find that where have good intent and endeavour our involvement starts to become more involved than we wish, more complicated and more and more a drain on our resources. A drain on endeavour and good intent. What do we do? We can re-evaluate and reconsider where we are. We can work out better ways forward in our endeavours and review what we need keep doing and what we let go.

Hard to do when involved with others for our decisions are not clear cut. And only when we endeavour alone can we have the luxury often to cut and run. To cut and run and close down projects requires a lot of planning if we are busy in the commission and setting up of activities. We also need be careful that others involved have not assumed our role is what they think it is, and we might be careful that others rely and presume when they have no tacit reason to make those presumptions.

Presuming and assuming and the impacts we have do affect us and others. We need not be aware just how important we are to others, and equally how unimportant we are as well.

Best to get things back to even and equal in our endeavours and how we make our agreements with others. Endeavours where we do not really understand our role also can lead to misunderstandings and feelings of too much inclusion or feelings of exclusion. How we determine our relative inclusion and exclusion necessitates amicable solutions with those we encounter in our endeavours.

Assumption and presumption. What we think and feel intuitively always need checking out and we wonder sometimes if we have done our best in this respect. For we often find the expectations of others are quite different once we start to pick away at simple agreements. We need beware the folly of making commitments without checking out the motives and intent of others in endeavour, often their opinion and outcomes desired are quite different from our own.

Time teaches us over and over about these lessons and we might heed the careful advice to check out our understandings as we go, to avoid mutuality of disappointment when we are either too big or too small in whatever the endeavour may be. Sadly we keep learning over and over in life. For in life everyone is learning and the key is constant review, re-evaluation or we end up in conflict rather than consensus.

Consensus often enables as conflict disables and harms. Best be open to negotiate and share, and be open and honest. It takes time for us all to learn these truths, and we are forever updating the truth of our endeavour or we fall down and start again from scratch.

Copyright © Don Oddy

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